Thursday, August 1, 2013

EuroTour 2013, part 3: Switzerland and Belgium

After my wonderful stay in Italy and the great show in Padova, I needed to get to Blonay, Switzerland in time for the second show the following night. We knew it would be tight, but I arrived 15 minutes before the show! So there was no tech, just me and the piano, but we had a great time anyway!
w. Viviane and Patrick Golaz, Blonay, Switzerland.

My hosts, Viviane and Patrick were very warm and friendly; it was a very enjoyable evening with the concert taking place in a community center in the middle of Blonay, a very small town nestled in the mountains near Lausanne.

w. Roger Forgues and Stefan Kaufmann, Blonay, Switzerland.

A lot of the local population was at the concert, as well as some serious Genesis fans from far away!

time to eat in Blonay.

There was local food and drink after the show!

The next morning, it was time for two days off in Brussels, Belgium.
The Apocalypse (Shiels) Brothers in Brussels

At Brussels airport, my new friend Paul told me I would recognize his kids because they were carrying a Genesis time signature.....

I love Brussels and was looking forward to relaxing there. My hotel was right in the middle of things, just off the Grand Place, where there are numerous incredible buildings like these.....

Brussels is a particularly great city for both shopping
and eating

w. Paul Shiels in Brussels

My Irish friend Paul took me to a killer Thai restaurant in Belgium. Now there's a rich combination!

If you would like to see all my pictures of  Brussels, please visit my Dropbox folder

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