Saturday, September 7, 2013

Handmade, Second Editions & Ars Ephemera

Handmade recording setup in my living room
Recording of the Handmade CD has begun! For the first time, I will be recording piano at home, which feels amazing. My piano, my schedule, my house. Mine, mine mine.
I am awaiting copies of Genesis On Piano Volume 2, Second Edition from the printers. Since I am nearly sold out of the First Edition, I took the opportunity to make numerous little improvements and corrections.

 The parts are written for the next Colossus Project CD: Decameron Part 2, the follow-up to the wonderful first volume made in 2011. The scan above is of my own copy of this CD -- I listen to it all the time. 

It is a wonderful privilege to belong to a circle of people all doing it for the love of it --- the very best reason of all.

The track is named "Lost And Found", based on the Decameron story of Day Five, Tale 3,  and is a chamber music piece featuring:

Tamara Hrycak, violin

Tamara and I have played together over the past ten years on a number of musical theater shows in Toronto
Lydia Munchinsky, cello

Lydia and I have also played musical theater together, and she was a part of both of the previous Ars Ephemera tracks as well.

Karen Shakespeare, flute

Karen played on both of the previous Ars Ephemera tracks.

David Myers, keyboards

and of course, me, noodling around on keyboards and things.

The track will be submitted for the end of September.