Wednesday, July 24, 2013

EuroTour 2013, part 1: Arrival In Venice

My amazing 2013 trip to Europe began June 24th, when I left Toronto, bound for Venice, Italy; it was my first time heading to that fabled city. I was met at the airport by Michele, my fantastic host and producer of my upcoming Italian show.

What I quickly learnt about Venice was that as beautiful as one might expect it to be, it is more so.

I had heard over the years that the water was smelly, but I did not detect anything in the couple of days I spent there.
I met someone else on my trip who also said they smelled nothing bad about the water while they were there; in fact, it smelled of nothing at all.

So I had the following day and the next morning to get over my jetlag, although I found it interesting that this time I had no detectable jetlag as such. 

I was told that after making the same trip enough times, the body adapts to some extent. When I first flew to Europe, I needed a week to feel better; this time I felt fine the very next day.

Unfortunately, Venice is being deserted, as the cost of maintaining a home, with the water perpetually eroding it's  foundation has become prohibitively expensive for the locals, who are leaving at the suggested rate of 1,000 buildings per year.

Piazza San Marco. My hotel was just off to the right. Below, with my host Michele Maran.
For all my photos of Venice, visit my  Dropbox folder

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